Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY Packers/Bengals Football Wreath

What's better than Fall? Fall and football season! Of course we have been watching a lot of football in this house starting just a few months ago and with Hockey and Basketball season starting too, there will be many more nights of sports for us. 

Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or a casual one, you'll love this DIY tutorial for the ultimate sports wreath.

I have made quite a few door wreath in my year and a half of living in our house, but I had yet to make a sports one.

Danny and I have a somewhat divided football household.  We root for different football teams, but since they're not rivals, we are civil about it.

Here is a step by step tutorial of how I created my DIY Football Wreath:


-Wooden "B"
-Wooden oval
-Burlap wire ribbon
-Wire Wreath outline
-Wooden Football

Step 1: Paint the logo.

I found two pieces of wood at my local JoAnn's store, a small "B" for the Bengals logo and an oval that I was able to paint into the Green Bay logo.

Step 2:  Tie the burlap ribbon around the wreath.

I found this great burlap wire ribbon on sale at JoAnn's and luckily they had all three colors that I needed.  It was really thick, so I ended up cutting it in half to make more pieces to give the wreath a fuller look.  The burlap ribbon also had wire in it which really helped to conform to the shape of the wreath.

Step 3: Tie on the logos and the football.

To finish the look, I added our Family name on the football and then glued the wooden pieces to twine which then I tied to the back of the wire wreath.  I first used hot glue to secure the logos and the football, but because of the weight of the wood, it wouldn't stay.  I ended up using craft glue and that worked much better.

The wreath turned out so well that I decided to make my in-laws one too! They are Bengals fans that now live in Steelers country, which is why I thought this Bengals wreath would be perfect on their door!

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