about me

I'm Suzy.  I am 25 years old.

I married Danny on March 16th, 2013.

I am a puppy mom to Yogi and Zoey

And a kitty mom to Teddy and Rosie.

I'm a daughter and a sister.

I'm an aunt to these two cuties :)

I am a vegetarian and I love to cook and eat!

Danny and I just bought our first home in April of 2013 and I am learning the ways of homeowning/interior decorating.
I love sports and Danny and I enjoy going to sporting events to see our favorite teams play (even if it means traveling across the country!)

All in all, I am blogging to connect with friends and family that do not live close. I am blogging my life and anything and everything in it. This is my story about my happy little married life. You know what they say....

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

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