Monday, February 16, 2015

Half Bathroom Makeover

As I mentioned in a post a few months back, we were making over our half bathroom.  I have always wanted to dabble in home improvement projects, and this room happened to be the perfect size to repaint, construct, and makeover however I wanted.  Luckily, the husband was on board too.

Below is the before picture.  Or at least this was what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house from the previous owner.  The changes we made were all cosmetic, we didn't change any of the fixtures because they were pretty much up to date as they were, I just wanted to make it my own.

We kept the same color scheme-- I actually picked out a new wall color at the store and came home to find out that it was almost the exact same color as what was on the walls before.

Minus the color, we added beadboard features which has made the most dramatic impact on the small restroom.  Amazingly, this beadboard is actually Martha Stewart wallpaper sold online at Home Depot.  It was so easy and stress free to install.  The only issues I ran across were finding wallpaper paste (since wallpaper is a thing of the past) and trying to apply the wallpaper around the toliet and sink.

Once I applied the beadboard, my husband sealed the look with the chair railing and then renailed the baseboards. 

I added some decorative touches to the space including a lot of finds from Homegoods including two shelves that complimented the style perfectly.  I also created a few DIY projects for this bathroon including this "S" from JoAnn's and artwork that I made inspired by this pinterest artwork.  To finish the look, my sweet Mother-in-law stitched this awesome tissue box holder to go with the theme of the bathroom.

Lastly, I found this perfect wax warmer that was small enough to fit on the shelf.  It brigtens up the small bathroom with a little bit of light and a lot of amazing smell.

This half bathroom makeover was demanding at times, but I love the way it turned out!  Now on to my next house project...

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