Sunday, November 2, 2014

How much is that puppy in the window?

This week has a lot of anticipated excitement.  My husband turns the big 2-8 on Tuesday and we also have a very special birthday present for him-- we are getting new windows!  (Okay, its not really his birthday present, but they just happened to schedule it on his big day!)

Since we moved into our house back in April of 2013, we knew we needed new windows.  They were the ORIGINAL 1976 windows that the house was built with - we are talking completely wooden and no screens attached.  When we had the house inspection, we knew the windows were at the top of the list, however we didn't push window replacement on the previous owners because they were nice enough to not counter our original offer and they wanted to sell quickly since they had already purchased their next house.

They ended up cutting us a check for a very low estimate for some of the windows and we called it a day.  We found out quickly that when you buy a new house, you have so many other things that you can spend that money on, furniture, bills, etc. and that's exactly what happened.  The windows went to the bottom of our list until our first winter in the house last year.  Once we had the first below zero night and could not close one of the old windows, we knew we needed to get them replaced before this next winter.

After all of this time, we are finally getting our windows replaced THIS Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Below are the Before photos, so you can get a sense of how bad they are and what they look like before they are replaced. Get ready to see a whole new look for our house!

Now all we have to worry about is how to keep this puppy out of the new window.....

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  1. Good wake-up call! Can't wait to see the makeover.


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