Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Recap: 3 reasons I felt like an adult this weekend

This weekend was filled with a bunch of things that reminded me more and more that I am growing up and becoming an adult.  Just last week, Danny and I moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment in Willoughby.  I had been living there the past three years and Danny moved in almost a year ago.  When we bought our house in April, we still had a few months of overlap between the house and the apartment.  At first, we thought this was nice since we could move things out of our apartment at our own pace, but it really just increased our procrastination to the point of no return.  After finally getting everything moved to the house, living and non living, we piled the boxes in our new garage for us to go over at a later date.  This weekend was our later date.  After investing time, money, and energy into just the house this weekend, I officially feel like a home owning adult.  Below are the threes reasons I felt like an adult this weekend:

1.  Everything we bought this weekend, was for the house. This included a patio set, pool cleaner, and even a hammock for our backyard! BTW, the hammock purchase was my favorite purchase for the house yet.  Since our backyard is a mini forest, it is the perfect accessory to our outdoor living space!
Our backyard with the hammock.

Yogi wasn't so sure of the hammock, he's showing his baby teeth!
2. We are now Sam's Club members.  So we bit the bullet and are now members of Sam's Club.  After shopping in bulk this weekend, I'm trying to figure out how to eat all of this food.  Future plans include planning meals entirely so I don't waste any food we buy.

Sam's Club Member
3. Saturday night consisted of catching up on my reality TV shows and making homemade popcorn.  So although I work the next day, I can tell I am an adult because of how I spend my weekend nights.  I love staying in and watching some of my favorite shows/movies with my husband.  This past Saturday we caught up on some of my reality TV shows like Catfish (its back for another season!) and Pregnant & Dating which follows the lives of several women that are pregnant, but still trying to find Mr. Right (very intriguing and obviously addicting).  We also made homemade popcorn! Danny received an old time popcorn machine as a Christmas gift last year and we finally got it out and used it!

Yogi was very intrigued!

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