Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekend Pin Craft: Doggie Bed

This weekend, I decided to make a new doggie bed for Yogi.  Since he is still a baby, he ripped his original crate bed to shreds and I realized he needed something a little more sturdy if it was going to make it to adulthood. This craft was inexpensive (around $20 total) and required just an hour total to put together.

The supplies you will need for this craft are two pillows, two separate fleece designs, and a pair of fabric scissors.  I bought inexpensive pillows at Target, they were two for $5.00.  I got 1 1/2 yards of each fleece fabric to cover the two pillows and have more than enough room in between the pillows and the seams to make it big enough for Yogi's crate.

First step is to lay out the pillows and the fleece where you want it to lay.  I had a lot of space in between so the pillows could move around, but you can also make the pillows snug. Next, you want to cut about 4 inch square on all four corners as shown below.

Next step is to start cutting strands that reach the top of your four inch squares on all four sides for the ties.  Next tie them twice to make sure they do not come undone.  After all four sides are done, your doggie bed is complete!  I loved this idea since it was cheap, easy, and everything is completely machine washable in case the puppy has any accidents in his crate.

Puppy Approved!

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  1. Such a cute idea! When I was younger I made blankets like this, but I never thought to make them as pillows, I love it!


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