Friday, May 31, 2013

Tribe vs. Redlegs

Danny and I went to the Indians vs. Reds game last night.  This game was fun for the both of us since Danny is a Reds fan, and I am an Indians fan.  Every year they play a battle of Ohio series and this year they only played 4 games.  Going into last night's game, the series was 2-1 in favor of the Reds, so I really wanted the Indians to win.  I met Danny downtown after work and after finally finding a parking spot (since the new Captain America movie is being filmed downtown and they decided to close off the important streets), we headed to City Tap for dinner and drinks.  After good food and good beer, we headed to Progressive field.  I had purchased the tickets through my job, since we received a discount and was surprised with how good the seats were! We were 12 rows from home plate and both being baseball fans, we were excited to watch the game so close.
The view from our seats.

After 4 innings, my wish came true and the Indians went on a 7 run inning and beat the Reds 7-1.  We had a great night and were able to enjoy a wonderful night at Progressive field together since Danny doesn't work for the Indians this year.  I am already enjoying all the free time we have together instead of planning my summer around baseball season.  We are hoping to go to many more baseball games this year to cheer on the home team!

Us at the game.

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