Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My first trip to Trader Joe's

So I know I am behind the times, but I went to Trader Joe's for the first time last week. After moving to a new suburb, I have been struggling to find a grocery store that I like and that doesn't completely rip through my bank account. We really like Heinens, but unfortunately it is a little expensive to shop there regularly. On my first Trader Joe's trip, I learned I could get quality organic food without breaking the bank. My coworker had been talking about going for a long time and I finally took him up on it. One of my favorite things I bought is Cranberry, walnut, Gorgonzola salad dressing. It's pictured here with my salad I had tonight for dinner.

Danny and I ended the night with the second game of a four game series of the Reds vs. Indians. It's the battle of Ohio and since I was raised an Indians fan and Danny a Reds fan, it can get pretty competitive. Although, Danny does have sympathy for my Indians since he used to work for them. Our cat, Teddy is enjoying the exciting game and he happen to snag the best seat in the house!  

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