Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring has sprung- Front door Wreath

As Danny and I moved into our house in April, I could finally start all of the crafts I had been pinning since I joined Pinterest a few years ago!  I decided my first craft would be a door decoration since we now officially have a front door!  I had seen the design for a monogrammed twine letter that I thought would be cute.  However, I did not think it through since gluing twine on an "S" and trying to make it look even definitely did not work out.  A few weeks later, after I had totally given up on the twine letter idea, I saw a flowered wreath on Pinterest that was the same idea but slightly different (and easier) design.  After creating my own, I think it looks better than the twine letter and it was easier to make!  Check it out below!

The twine letter idea was a huge FAIL for me.

Our new front door wreath made with a wooden letter and some silk flowers.


  1. I love your spin on the Pinterest idea, very cute!


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