Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY: Family name Frame

Below is one of the easiest DIYs I have done for our house so far.  This project cost under $20 and almost no time at all.  I had always admired the family name frames that you see at the mall.  These personalized frames can cost upwards of $100, but I will show you how to get the look without the hefty price tag.

I came across a Pin on my Pinterest board that had hundreds of different pictures for each letter (the site can be found here.)  I had fun picking out each letter and seeing which letters went well with each other-- I had 3 E's to pick out, so that was an adventure in itself.

After that, I went on a search for a picture frame with six spaces for each letter of our family name.  Some sites actually used separate picture frames, but I didn't like that look as much as having all of the letters in the same frame.  Luckily, I found this frame at Michaels and it was on sale too!

After choosing the perfect letters to fit in the frame, I ordered the prints from Walgreens and then fitted them into the picture frame and voila!  Now, it sits in our entryway and will represent our family for years to come.

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