Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy America!

This weekend was a long, amazing weekend celebrating our country's independence, but it was not long enough! Even though I am halfway through the week, I don't know how my 4 day weekend escaped me already!? Anyways, here is a recap of what occurred this past weekend.

On Thursday, Danny and some of our friends headed to the Lake County Captains game.  This was our second summer going to "Thirsty Thursday" night at the ballpark (You can read our adventure from last year here.)  Thirsty Thursday is a night of 25 cent beers and baseball, however, we did not watch a single pitch of the game this time contrary to last time. 

On Friday, Danny and I had our annual fourth of July party.  We decided to buy a few more patriotic items (below) to add to our collection from last year.  The collection now includes a few flag varieties, matching puppy handkerchiefs, a patriotic clock, and Danny even bought a "Back to Back World War Champs" tank top.  We had a cookout and even made a fire later in the evening.

On Saturday, Danny and I had the whole day free so we decided to do something outside the normal routine.  It was the perfect opportunity to use our "Date Night" jar that my sister-in-law made us for our wedding to decide what to do.  We chose a few different ideas, but then ultimately decided on putt putt golf and a Mexican dinner.  At putt putt golf, Danny pulled ahead in the last few holes to pull off the win.  We are usually both super competitive with games like putt putt, but we put our competitive natures aside and just focused on having fun and enjoying each other's company.

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  1. Love the patriotic dogs! Suzy, you need to go for your MBA. I'm planning on starting my master's in adult ed at FIU this spring. At 59, I feel like I'm too old to handle all that late night studying, but I've wanted to do it for quite a while. I challenge you to beat me. (I know you will.)


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