Monday, July 7, 2014

My 250 day long break from Blogging

After 250 days of not a single blog post, I've decided to come back to Blogland. I was somewhat torn between the decision-- a part of me had enjoyed the break, but there was another part of me that missed the experience.  I took less pictures, found myself less motivated, and still searching for an outlet that blogging previously gave me.  Since this is my first post in 250 days, I wanted to update you on some of the big changes that have happened in my life since my last blog post.

Let's begin with one of the biggest changes to my life (and sanity).....

We adopted another puppy! Remember that cute little dog that we adopted from the Amish last year?  Well it was WAY too hard not to get him a best friend and life partner.  Below are the stats on our newest addition!

Zoey- the first week we brought her home

Birthdate: September 21, 2013
Adoption date: Mid-November 2013
Breed: German Shepherd, Labrador, Beagle mix
Likes: Raw hides, branches, and pine cones. Acting like a victim when her BIG brother plays with her even though she is the culprit.  She LOVES to cuddle and takes naps.
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, big bodies of water (Pool, Lake Erie, etc.)

We are so lucky to have a puppy like Zoey! It's sometimes hard to think she is still a puppy since Yogi (16 months old) is more hyperactive than she is...

Next is not as big as caring after another living creative, but it was a big step for me.  I have had a few physical changes in the last 250 days.  For one, I dyed my hair back to some form of brunette.  My real genes and the sun has kicked in to lightened it up to the point that I actually think it is my natural color!

Lastly in June, I underwent Parathyroid surgery to remove a parathyroid gland that was acting up.  In medical terms, it was extracting calcium from my bones and putting it into my bloodstream, making me hypercalcemic.  They removed the bad parathyroid and I have been fine ever since.  Luckily, I had no symptoms before surgery, just elevated levels of calcium in my blood.  It is actually a pretty rare condition for someone so young.  Most patients are way into their 60's or 70's because it can cause Osteoporosis and be a serious condition when you're older.  Luckily, they caught it early and I was able to have this pretty painless surgery to get rid of it.

A week after surgery with my bandage still in place.
I hope Blogland has been treating you well! I'm excited to be back!

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  1. I'm so glad you had a successful surgery and seem to have fully recovered, looking as beautiful as ever. I enjoy your writing and hope that you can continue. Love you!


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