Wednesday, October 30, 2013

H54F: Halloween Week

Happy Friday friends! I thought today would never come around.  It has been a long week and probably has something to do with the exciting festivities of this weekend.  We are celebrating Danny's birthday since he will be old starting Monday (just kidding! I always tease since he is a year and a half older).  We are also celebrating a last official day at Danny's old job and will be starting a new job on Monday (I know, I can't believe his first day of work is on his birthday!)  I am so proud of him and I can't wait to see what this job has in store for him (us).  Now onto High Five for Friday...

1.  Danny and Yogi playing out in the backyard this week.  We have so many trees in our backyard, the colors of fall are all over.  The backyard looks so nice in the evenings and it doesn't hurt that its only 55 degrees when the sun is setting.
2.  I have been working on a few special pinterest crafts this week! I always get in such a better mood when I am crafting.  I have been putting off making some improvements to the house and actually making it a home, so I decided to start on some projects I had this week. I am quite pleased with how everything turned out including this little painting/stenciling.  It's not competely finished yet, but I like the way it looks so far.
3.  I brought out my kitchen aid mixer and finally put it to use! I received my mixer as a gift from some very special family members from my wedding shower earlier this year.  I've already used it multiple times this week because it is so easy to use!
4.  Danny and I went candy shopping at Target for the big event this week: Halloween.  We had so much fun handing out candy in our neighborhood for the first time in our new house even though it rained (poor kiddos!). We gave out extra candy to the kids brave enough to face the elements!
5.  We had our friends over on Thursday to hand out candy with us and we had to dress up the puppy dog too.  We found this Buzz Lightyear t-shirt for him. Now if only he would just wear it proudly instead of trying to tear it up.

Hope you had a great week and a fun halloween!


  1. The buzz light year shirt is so cute!

  2. I know what you mean about crafting being able to make your mood a little brighter. I love having time for a little bit of creativity in my day!

  3. The Buzz Lightyear shirt is SO cute! I wanted to dress Weiser up, but it would have been just the two of us. Next year!!

  4. I have been dying for a kitchen aid for the past 10 years! Wedding registry, its going to be the first thing on there!


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