Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Wishes

If you can remember from last week's Weekly Wishes post, I had hoped for three things:

1.) Take the pups to the dog park.
2.) Cook a Fall inspired meal.
3.) Try a new restaurant for dinner.

Danny and Yogi at the dog park.
I was pretty proud of myself for accomplishing two out of three this week.  I had the day off Friday and met up with my coworker to take our pups to the dog park.  He is actually the one that told me about the rescue organization that we got Yogi from since he got his dog, Darby there a few months earlier.  There was a two year old white German Shepard at the dog park!! I love running into German Shepards so I can compare Yogi to the pure breds.  Danny and I actually went back to the dog park on Sunday (since Danny couldn't go with me on Friday) and we saw a 4 month old German Shepard who was all sorts of adorable.

The other wish that I accomplished was trying a new restaurant for dinner.  Danny and I went to a local place called Local Tavern (you can read my review of the food here).

This week, I am back to work.  I have one normal week and then I will be traveling to Colorado for work next week.  It is already sounding like it will be a busy week at work, so I'm hoping I have some sort of free time for relaxing, blogging, wishing, etc.

Without further ado, listed below are my weekly wishes:

1.) Find and make a Crock pot recipe.  I crave an amazing fall dinner that I can throw together in the morning and will be done by the time I get home from work.  There are so many delicious sounding recipes on Pinterest.  Hopefully I can find a tasty one to try.

2.) Create a fall craft for the house.  I love fall including decorating for the season.  Joann's and Michael's are my favorite places to visit in the fall for their amazing ideas.  I want to finally try one of the million crafts I have been eyeing since the beginning of last month!

Hope you have a great week!  Don't forget to link up and share your weekly wishes!


  1. Sounds like two awesome goals for the week! I am obsessed with my crock pot, I use it almost weekly. Haha

  2. Yogi is adorable!!! I love German Shepherds - my dream dog since I was a kid.
    I haven't tried any crock pot recipes even though I want to. If you find any good ones, I hope you'll share them with us :)
    Good luck this week.


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