Friday, October 4, 2013

H54F: My Trip to Orlando

It is Friday and I am back home in Cleveland.  I spent the week in Orlando for a work conference called AFCOM.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to represent my company and learn all about new technologies and new ideas that are happening in the data center world.  Because of the work trip Sunday through Wednesday, most of my High Five for Friday is dedicated to my trip.

1.  This was the setup in my hotel room for the week.  I felt super connected to everything with my work laptop, iPad, Kindle, and then I took this picture with my iPhone.  I was there for a technology convention so it was only fitting that there were 5 million ways for people to get ahold of me.

2.  I met up with my coworkers that flew in from Colorado and we had the chance to eat and explore Orlando at night.  Our hotel was so sweet that there were 7 different restaurants actually in it including this Japanese Steakhouse.  We even went to Downtown Disney one night and ate at one of the restaurants there.  Afterwards we explored the area and ran into this awesome Hulk statue made out of legos, yes I said legos.

3.  I did get some free time in between lectures and activities to check out the amazing pool at our hotel.  It was weird to think I was sunburnt in October! I enjoyed a nice beverage by the pool and it felt amazing to relax in the sun.  Although I am happy Fall is here, Orlando made me miss summer already. darn.

4.  My flight came in within hours of the playoff game at Progressive Field.  Our beloved Indians were playing in their first playoff game since 2007 and the city was excited.  Unfortunately, the Indians lost, but it was great to see Cleveland united at Progressive field to celebrate the great season we had.

5.  After a long week away from the fur babies, it was good to come home.  Rosie made sure I knew I was missed by not leaving my side yesterday as I blogged at my desk.  I had such a great week, but I am so glad to be home.

Hope everyone had a great week!  Happy Friday!

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