Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#WeddingWednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen Tuxes

This #WeddingWednesday is dedicated to the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxes.  I really didn't have an option when deciding where to get the bridesmaid dresses.  My six bridesmaids all live in different areas, so I needed a store that was easily accessible to all of them.  Since I already bought my wedding gown at David's Bridal, I decided to get my bridesmaid dresses there too.

My husband actually decided what type of dress he thought would be nice.  I always imagined my bridesmaid dresses would be short (for my dream summer wedding), but since we got married in March, Danny thought it would be nice to get long dresses.

We knew we wanted a Champagne colored dress, but we had to find a style that worked on all six bridesmaids.  We headed to David's Bridal to try on dresses.  We found the dress almost immediately and decided it would be the best style of dress for every girl.  We even found a matching flower girl dress that looked perfect for our niece, Naomi!
Left: Me trying on the dress for the first time in Navy.  Right: My bridesmaid, Kaela trying on the champagne dress.
The flower girl dress.
The dresses looked amazing the day of the wedding, even though they weren't as warm as we'd hoped on a chilly March day, but everyone looked stunning!

Bridesmaids (Photo: Little Tree Studios)
Flower Girl dress in action (Photo: Little Tree Studios)
Around the same time that we picked out the bridesmaid dresses, we choose the groomsmen tuxes.  We wanted the maids and men to match so we went with the same champagne colored tuxes from Men's Warehouse.  Again, this was an easy choice already made for us because we got a huge discount from choosing our gowns from David's Bridal (they know what they're doing).  Overall, I was really happy with the way Danny and all of his groomsmen looked in their tuxes.

Samples of the Groom's tux on the left and Groomsman's tux on the right.
Groomsmen- (Photo: Little Tree Studios)

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