Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunday Social: Trick or Treat

This week's Sunday Social is all about Halloween and I love it.  I love dressing up so much that me and my friends did it up until senior year of high school.  Who am I kidding, I still dress up to this day (check out this awesomely thoughtful costume me and the hubs were last year...)

A Pair of Jeans/Genes
Now onto the questions....

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

A Bride.

I only say this because I was a bride for like 4 years in a row when I was in elementary school.  Good thing I was able to dress like one this year in March too!

2. If you could go back to your childhood and dress up as something, what would it be?

I wish I could have dressed up like a Disney Princess when I was little.  My dreams came true later in college (see below), but I wish I could have dressed up as one when I was little.

3. What was your favorite Halloween costume as an adult?

My favorite costume as an adult would be a Purple Crayon.  Me and my friends wanted to go in a group of something and we decided that crayons would be cute.  I also made every part of the costumes which was half of the fun!

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

My favorite Halloween candy are Kit Kats.  Not just for Halloween, but for every occasion!

5. What is your favorite Halloween memory?
I have great memories of dressing up for my college's Halloween parties.  Ohio University is famous for its Halloween parties even so much as being awarded the biggest party in the country behind Mardi Gras and New Years Eve in New York.  We go all out in Athens and its always so much fun to see the crazy costumes.
Left: Snow White- Athens 2009
Right: Gold Digger- Athens 2007

6. What is your favorite scary movie?

I do not like scary movies at all.  I used to get too scared to go to sleep when there was a really bad episode of Law & Order on, hence why I can't bring myself to watch any kind of scary movie.  I would be an insomniac for days if I did.


  1. The crayola is genius!! Love it!!!!

  2. I laughed at your "I would be an insomniac for days if I did..." comment. I was trying so hard to find a way to explain why I'm not into horror movies other than "they give me stupid re-occurring nightmares." Your description is perfect because I can totally relate! :)


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