Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Yogi

Today's throwback Thursday post is dedicated to our little pups, Yogi.  As you'll realize from this post, he is not so little anymore.  I'm just glad to be able to see him yesterday when I got home from Florida because I heard rumors that the sweet, innocent little puppy was misbehaving for Danny.  Luckily, Danny decided not to get rid of him, and gave him his 4,356th chance.

To refresh everyone's memory, we first brought Yogi home on April 16th, 2013.  It was one day after "moving" into our new house.  He at least had a crate bed and toys to play with where as we were stuck sleeping on a futon mattress waiting to move in our other important items like a bed, couches, chairs, tables, etc.  6 months later, we have all the furniture now moved in and Yogi has gained about 40 lbs.  Below are some pictures of him through every stage to get an idea of how big our German Shepard Puppy has grown.

Just to show you the progress of Yogi from age 8 weeks to 7 months, here is a side by side comparison of Yogi with Danny.

We love Yogi and he will always be our little baby.  Hopefully he will still grow and continue to become the gentle giant he tries to be today.

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  1. Kara and I had such an awesome time with him last night! I think when we left both Yogi and I were tired out!


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