Friday, October 25, 2013

Snowstorm in October? It's Ohio.

Happy Friday! Instead of October 25th, it feels like December 25th here in Cleveland, Ohio.  I saw this cartoon strip and thought it described this weather perfectly.  Ohioans always blame bad weather on the state and after all these years I believe it.  It can be October and snowing or February and 70 degrees.  You just never know what you're going to get and you have to be prepared for EVERYTHING! Good thing my daddy raised me like a Boy Scout (to be prepared).

I'm hoping the weather warms up since Danny and I are headed to the capital and my hometown of Columbus, Ohio to spend the weekend with our friends.  Just one more day of work and a recap of five amazing things stand in our way.  Now onto High Five for Friday!

1.  I pulled out the old Halloween costumes that I bought for the kitties a few years ago.  Although Yogi doesn't really fit in the costume, he still makes a cute bumble bee!
2.  We had a team event on Wednesday during work.  We played WhirlyBall which is a hybrid version of bumber cars mixed with basketball and lacrosse.  It was so much fun and we always have a blast when we play.  I captured this awesome picture of my coworker and good friend, Chad before the game started.  (PS Chad started a blog this week!! Go check it out here.)
3.  Remember when I blogged about pottery time last week? Well, here is my finished pumpkin! Everything turned out great and I can't wait to use my new pumpkin jar for some Halloween candy or other goodies.
4.  I also received my awesome Thirty-One order from the party I attended a few weeks ago.  I got a matching purse and lunch box for work and I love them.  I love anything with a monogram on it!
5.  I woke up to a hailstorm on Thursday morning on my way to work.  I took this picture from my work window as I watched the snow/hail/ice accumulate all day.  I can't believe it's already snowing here.

Hope you had a good week!

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  1. I've been wanting to try Whirly ball!! Looks like fun! Also, loove that pumpkin jar you made - too cute! I'm so not ready for winter yet. My family in West Michigan woke up to an inch of snow last Thursday, gross. Hope you had a great weekend!


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