Sunday, January 13, 2013

1 Year Anniversary Dinner

Last night, Danny and I celebrated our one year anniversary by going out to eat at the restaurant that we first met at, Claddagh's.  Claddagh's is an Irish pub located near our apartment in Cleveland, but what's neat about the restaurant is they are a regional chain.  So when we were looking for places to host our rehearsal dinner for the wedding, Danny said he had wished there was a place like Claddagh's that was fun and relaxing to go after the rehearsal.  Sure enough we googled Claddagh's and there was a restaurant located 10 minutes from where we are getting married in Columbus.  Some things are just meant to be....

This was a special night for me and I realized when I got there that the memories of that first night came flooding back in my mind.  It was interesting thinking that it was only a year ago that we were both shy, young people meeting for the first time and now we would be tying the knot just two months later.  I was overcome with emotion on how much that first date really meant to me.  It was a great feeling to be back at that place.  Danny and I decided that we want to continue to celebrate that special day every year by visiting the place that we first laid eyes on each other.

Me and Danny at Claddagh's
We had a wonderful dinner and a couple of drinks.  I had the veggie burger again, however I was able to eat it this time.  Danny and I were both so nervous and talkative on our first date that we barely touched our food.  Now, we just laugh looking back on that since we are so comfortable with each other.  The night at Claddagh's ended with a complementary cookie and tea tray which was a nice surprise.  Danny and I were debating on whether it was because I mentioned to our waitress that it was our anniversary, but then we saw them being passed out to multiple people, so it was just a friendly surprise. 

The cookie and Tea tray we received
After we went out to eat, we decided to spend the evening at a local bar to watch the Packers game.  This was week two of the playoffs and they were playing the tough 49ers that they had lost to earlier in the season.  I had high hopes, but they ended up losing.  I was okay with the loss, we didn't deserve to win the game.  Danny took it rather badly however.  Now that we have adopted each other teams, he has taken on becoming a full Packers fan which I think is really cute.  It is fun to have someone to share the experiences with and we already have started planning our next trip to Lambeau and to Cincinnati to see the Bengals play!  Even though football is over this year (for us, at least), I'm already looking forward to next season!


  1. Hey!! It’s really great to know about your 1st anniversary. Few days ago I attended my best friend’s wedding anniversary at one of San Francisco venues where found amazing arrangements done by her sister who managed everything.


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