Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Less than 70 days!

This weekend Danny and I visited my parents in Columbus.  After the holidays came and went quickly like they do every year, we knew that we would have to hunker down and actually get some wedding tasks crossed off of our list or we would be stuck doing everything at the last possible second.  Since we are getting married in Columbus, we usually have our wedding weekends in Columbus and stuff it full with everything we can possibly do for the wedding, and this weekend was no different.  We met with our venue contact this weekend to finalize plans.  I didnt think I would be having this meeting for awhile, but unfortunately the Country Club that we are getting married at closes for the month of Febrary and this was the only time that we could make this meeting. The whole country club was decorated for Christmas and was beautiful.  It was hard to believe that in 70 days, Danny and I would become husband and wife at that very place.

After the meeting, it was craft time.  My mom, being the crafty woman she is, helped me with my ideas for the escort cards and other important items that needed to be put together for the wedding.  We were on to Hobby Lobby and ended up working on a variety of dyi projects that we found on Pinterest.  I can't wait to see the final results and I hope my plans come together.  With less than 70 days left, this wedding will be here before we know it!

Reasons why I know my wedding is getting close:

-Diet and exercise regimes are in full swing
-I just scheduled my first dress fitting for later this month
-Danny is dreaming about the honeymoon
-Response cards have been filling our mailbox
-We just had our final appointment with the venue

Us at The Lakes

The Lakes Golf and Country Club decorated for Christmas.

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