Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sun Dried Tomato Penne

Danny and I continued our Weight Watchers Lifestyle for dinner tonight. Last week on Pinterest, I stumbled across a blog called Eat Yourself Skinny. This is an amazing blog for Weight Watchers recipes. The blogger, Kelly creates delicious-sounding recipes and she tracks old and new Weight Watchers points while including colorful pictures of each dish. Since tonight is my weekend and I am home, I chose one of her recipes listed on her site for Danny and I to try. Originally she cooked this recipe with tuna, but since I'm vegetarian and Danny doesn't eat tuna, I made Danny's plate with chicken and mine just straight vegetarian. I love sun dried tomatoes, but I had never tried cooking with them, but it turned out delicious. This dish is something that we will definitely try again. To check out the original recipe click here.

Danny and I finished the night with a happy hour drink at our favorite local restaurant/bar and came home to a relaxing night with the kitties. I cherish these comfortable nights at home with our little family. It lets me de-stress from the troubles of the "big day" in our future.

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