Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

This years Christmas was nothing short of amazing. I had the opportunity to be apart of two family Christmases this year which made things that more special for me. On Christmas Eve, we spent the time with Danny's Aunt and Uncle in Dayton. This was nice because I got to spend time with this side of the family more. Danny's cousin, Kristen is going to be a Bridesmaid in our wedding in March, so I had so much fun hanging out with her and getting to know her better. I also got to spend time with Danny's grandmother. Since I didn't get the chance to have grandparents growing up, it was so special to spend 1 on 1 time with her and talk with her. The Anderson's surprised me with a customized Green Bay Packers jersey with my future last name and Danny's college baseball number on it. It was quite the surprise that I was literally in awe. The rest of the night, we played games, ate good food, and even took a dip in the hot tub. It was a great night with my new family!

Me and Danny at the Anderson's

My Christmas present!
On Christmas, we drove to my parents house in Columbus to spend the day with them. Unfortunately, I had to log in and work from home for four hours throughout the day, but nothing was really going on, so it was no big deal. We preceded to open presents including a Bengals snuggie for Danny along with xbox games and some blu-rays. I got some really great gifts for my kitchen as well as things for our house!  Danny and I also got luggage to use on our honeymoon in March!  All in all, a fun Christmas morning!  There was a blizzard scheduled for that next day so instead of staying in Columbus to risk the possibility of being snowed in, we decided to leave that night for Cleveland.  Even though it was a short time together it was great to see my parents and share in the joy of Christmas.

Danny's new Bengals snuggie

At the Sharpnack's
Our attempt at a family picture with the cats
The weekend after Christmas, we concluded our Christmas week long celebration with Danny's parents at their lake house.  Since we had a blizzard in Cleveland a few days before that, there was definitely plenty of snow to go around up north at the lake house.  We got in Friday night and spent until Sunday morning with them.  We opened presents when we arrived on Friday which made me feel like part of the family with all of the thoughtful gifts they had bought for me.  Danny received a lot of IU gear to wear and for his future man cave! I received a lot of cute outfits that I can wear for work, including a major accessory, two coach wristlets! Both of our families definitely spoiled us this year.  We are so lucky to have family members that love us and know how to spoil us to make us feel loved! Thank you to everyone that made this Christmas truly special! It was an amazing holiday this year and it made Danny and I both feel so much more apart of each others families.

At the lake house with the Steele's

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