Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Danny's 26th Birthday

This past November, Danny and I had a special milestone, Danny's 26th Birthday! Plus, it was the first birthday of his that we spent together which made it extra special.  Danny decided he wanted to go out with some of our friends that Danny has become close with since he moved to Cleveland and some of my friends that I had already known since living here.

We had people over at our apartment first and had food prepared for everyone to munch on before heading to downtown Willoughby.  I also wanted to do something special so I got him a cookie cake with his name on it in red icing for IU basketball of course!
The food table and Danny's cookie cake
After hanging out for awhile and playing a few games, we headed out.  We enjoyed a great night of food, friends, and fun! It turned out to be a successful night out together.

Celebrating with the Birthday boy!

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