Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoosier Weekend

This past weekend, Danny and I went to Bloomington, IN to celebrate his 26th birthday.  Even though his birthday was over a month ago, we were finally celebrating with the gift that I gave him, IU Basketball tickets.  Danny has grown up a huge IU Basketball fan his entire life and I decided that it would be the perfect gift since he had never been to a regular season game.  Even better was the fact that IU was ranked number one in the country.

Rankings as of 12/8/12
After a few altercations like forgetting the tickets at home and driving in the fog and rain through Ohio and Indiana, we finally arrived to Bloomington.  Our first night was like most nights when we have nothing planned, we watched tv and passed out to get sleep for our exciting day on Saturday.

The next day, the game was scheduled for 6 pm, so Danny and I got out to explore the town of Bloomington during the day.  We ended up at this local pub called, Nick's.  I loved the look of this place on the inside.  It was the definition of college town pub.  They served their beers in mason jars and have the nicest people.  We met someone at the bar with a Cleveland Browns jacket.  After striking up a conversation, we learned that he was from Tremont and had just moved to Bloomington.  He was so excited to meet someone from Cleveland that he bought us a beer!
Danny at Nick's

After drinking a couple of beers at Nick's, we proceeded to head to another bar called Kilroys.  As soon as we entered the vicinity, we were asked for a $5 cover each.  This was a bummer but we soon got over it when we found out we got a free jersey!

6 pm was vastly approaching so we started heading to Assembly Hall. The game was great and IU beat Central Connecticut State University by putting up 100 points.  It was a great game.

Outside of Assembly Hall

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