Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is 12.12.12.  This is a really neat concept.  To the average person this might not mean anything, but to me, I love number sequences.  Today marks the last time in our lifetime that we will experience a three digit combination like this. 

Danny and I are getting married on March 16, 2013.  We didn't choose the date specifically because of it, but it is a palindrome of numbers (31613).  I actually stumbled across a wedding website that had upcoming unique number combinations as the dates for brides that wanted to be married on a special day.  My brother and his wife were married in 2007 and I recall that this was a big year for couples to get married on 07/07/07 since it landed on a Saturday.  They decided to be different and get married the week after on 07/15/07.

I am a very logical thinking person.  I love numbers.  I was always good at math in school and it was part of the reason why I wanted to become an Accountant when I was little because I liked to add and subtract numbers and saw different patterns within them.  Even though I'm not an Accountant today, I still work with numbers and sequences in my everyday job as an IT analyst.

There is also a pattern of dates in my family.  My close family has four members and we all have the number 3 in the day we were born.

Mom- May 3
Brother- December 13
Me- April 23
Dad- October 30

My sister-in-law felt left out when she joined the family that she was really excited when Danny didn't have a 3 in his birthday either.  What's even crazier is my niece was born on May 23rd and oddly enough my nephew's due date is December 23rd.  I hope he stays true to the day so he can go along with tradition, although I think my sister-in-law is secretly hoping he is born on a different day!

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