Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall and Football

This Friday I am home getting the house ready for some guests that we will be hosting since our dear friends, Melissa and Doug are getting married on Saturday!! I can't wait to see Melissa come down that aisle because she is going to be a gorgeous bride!  Linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday.

One.  Yogi graduated from Intermediate dog training class on Tuesday.  This set of classes was definitely harder than the beginner class and it really tested his patience (and ours!).  He made it through and we are so proud of the new things he has learned!  Hopefully we will sign him up for the next set of advanced classes in the next few months.  He is a smart pups and we want him to become a well-trained puppy dog.

two.  This week starts the first week of our plan to eat at home every night.  We had developed bad habits like eating out way too much and not grocery shopping everything at once, so we devised a plan to eat all of our meals at home starting this week.  Of course, we are giving each other the occasional break like date night twice a month on Fridays, but for the most part we hope this will teach us how to shop correctly from the beginning of the week so we can plan our meals out instead of resorting to eating out.  Check back to hear our progress!

three.  Last night was the official kickoff of FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  Can you tell I'm excited? Danny and I watched the home opener game last night and I am looking forward to my Packers playing on Sunday!  I bought this flag a few weeks ago and had to warn the neighbors where my loyalties lie.  Too bad Danny wants to take it down week three when the Bengals play the Packers (we will see about that).

four.  I caught Rosie snoozing away.  Every night this week she has cuddled with me at night which she rarely does anymore since the German Shepard puppy sleeps in our bed.  This was her way of saying she missed us while we were in Denver this past weekend.  I miss kitty cuddles from our pre-puppy days.

five.  Since Summer is sort of over, I have already decorated for fall!  Fall is my favorite season to decorate for because it includes things like my favorite color palette (reds, browns, oranges, and yellows), the best smelling candles (like I mention in my last High Five for Friday post), and adorable little pumpkins that I love to put everywhere.  When I moved up to Cleveland, my mom gave me a lot of her fall decorations since she knows how much I loved the season.  I got this adorable PartyLite candle holder from her.  Thanks, Mom!

I hope everyone had a good week!  

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