Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Turning Point in my Life

Today I am linking up with Jenni from Story of my Life.  If you have not been over to read her blog and see her amazing pictures, I encourage you to do so.  Jenni has a great eye for fashion and I love reading her blogposts.  Don't forget to read her love story, simply AMAZING and beautifully written!  Now that I'm done doting on Jenni, on to today's topic for Blogtember.  I have already missed a few blog posts, but I thought better late than never!

Today's topic is Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

This was an easy topic for me because it happened quite recently (well, in the grand scheme of things).

My life took a turn on January 14th, 2012 when I met my future husband.  I know a lot of you are probably thinking, life does usually take a turn when you meet your future spouse, but for me it was a drastic moment that changed all aspects of my life (for the better).

Before meeting Danny, I had been in a rut.  Never having a long term relationship and finding myself frustrated with my current love life, I was always the single friend that my girlfriends knew they could hang out with if they wanted a girls night out.  I didn't date in high school and college was where I focused on my degree and on my friends.  I did date a guy here and there, but no one that I could see myself with long term.  While I felt like my friends were meeting their future husbands, I was adopting my two kitties. I just accepted the fact that I could be one of those crazy cat ladies that would live with their cats and never have that special someone in their life.

I'll stop with my depressing, sad life story and get to the good part.  Like I said, things all changed when I met the love of my life.  And things changed quickly.  After Danny and I met, we fell for each other almost instantly.  We went on our first date and then planned to see each other the next night by chance (or fate depending on how you look at it).  It was a Sunday night and I was watching football with my best guy friend at a bar downtown.  Danny happened to be working a few blocks away and after he finished with work he came to meet up with me.  We spent the whole night talking like we did the night before.  This time it was much more relaxed since there was alcohol involved and the conversation flowed flawlessly. It always works that way with alcohol, doesn't it?

We were so smitten with each other that we made plans the next day too.  Danny took me out to dinner and again we had an amazing conversation and I was head over heels, completely over the top for this man.  The next few weeks, we continued to see each other on a regular basis.  The only time we didn't see each other were when I pretended to do laundry because I was afraid he was going to get bored of me since we were seeing so much of each other (we still like to laugh about that one to this day).

Because we spent every free moment we could together, we got engaged after four months of dating and then married 10 months after that.  I knew he was the one for me and I went from crazy cat lady to some one's everything in a quick four months.  A lot of things changed with the new found relationship too.  Unfortunately, those friends that wanted to have girls nights regularly with me, weren't so thrilled that I was now happy in my relationship with my new fiance.  I ended up finding the love of my life and losing some of my closest friends all at the same time.  Looking back on it, I know it all happened for a reason. I am happier now with the friends that I have today because I know they would be there for me no matter what.

So, in a quick four months, I met the love of my life, got engaged, lost some friends along the way, but found happiness in my "new" life I was building with my soon-to-be husband.  I truly believe everything happens for a reason and there is always a plan for your life.  It took me a little longer to find my life and start living it, but now it is worth every single happy moment and I cherish it so much more.

Above: some of our engagement photos taken by Little Tree Studios.


  1. You're doing Blogtember too, how fun :)I love your story, so sweet! I feel the same way you did before Danny, I hope I can find someone who makes me happy too :)

    1. Thanks, Amia! I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone, you never know when you're going to find that person :)


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