Monday, August 26, 2013

Antiquing and things

This weekend was filled with laughter, friends, and relaxing time.  Some of my favorite things!  On Thursday, my friend Ashleigh had the afternoon free to take me antiquing! After thinking of plans to redecorate the house, I am trying to embrace the updated old instead of buying everything new.  I feel like this a trend at least in interior decorating.  If it's not actually old, sometimes it is made to at least look that way.  This concept always reminds me of the FRIENDS episode where Rachel doesn't want Phoebe to know that she got all of their apartment furniture at Pottery Barn, so she tells her all of these stories of the history behind their interesting, one of a kind pieces that she found at the flea market.  It's hilarious if you haven't seen it.

Antiquing was definitely an interesting experience to say the least! I thought it would be more organized than it was, these stores seemed to have stuff everywhere!  Since all of my grandparents are passed away, my parents have a lot of antiques mostly on my mom's side.  My great-grandmother kept everything which is why we have every TIME magazine dating back to the 1950's which are actually really neat to read through.  There are so many cool things and I guess that's the fun of antiquing, you just never know what you might stubble upon.  We went to four different stores, but the last one was my favorite.  The other three seemed very over priced.  I thought the idea of buying old was to save some cash too!  Among the various items we saw were a lot of old toy cars, lots of frame, cameras, and even crates full of old records.  I really liked the frames and thought about buying one to update and hang in our home, but I ended up chickening out (I wasn't ready to barter).  I also tried looking through the records for something that my husband could hang up in his man cave, but no such luck.  Even though I didn't buy anything, it was such a great experience and I hope to go back soon.
My favorite antique store we went to.
Friday night was game night.  We had a few friends over to relax and enjoy a night filled with laughter (lots of it) and competitive fun.  Our friends Chad and Kara brought The Game of Things.  You start out with a category like for example, "Things you shouldn't say to your in-laws" and everyone has to write down what you shouldn't say to your in-laws.  Then one person reads the answers and the rest have to guess who said what.  As you can imagine, this game can get very funny, very quickly.   It was such a fun night and I hope we can make game night a usual thing in our house!


  1. I use to antique a lot with my mom growing up. Funny enough I was just doing it today looking for an old desk. Love Friends, miss it all the time! Stopping by from High Five for Friday link up. Come and visit - having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway! Ends tonight!

    xo Lulu

    1. That's neat that you've been antiquing all this time! Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely check out the giveaway! :)


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