Friday, August 9, 2013


Today I actually set an alarm and its my weekend, this rarely happens.  I'm only up right now because we are getting ready to take off for the weekend to Put-in-Bay! We are very excited and can't wait to see what this weekend entails.  For now, on to High Five for Friday!

1. We FINALLY got Yogi in the pool! After much hesitation and three of us forcing him in, he finally caved.  I convinced Danny that he is only going to get BIGGER so we should try to get him used to the pool now while we can still carry him! He did very well for his first "swim", the rest of escaped with minimal scratches.
2. There was a sale at Heinen's this week for chia seeds.  After watching our documentaries on healthy eating, I had heard the words, "chia seeds" in pretty much all of them.  The bag makes them sound too good to be true (they call them super seeds!) so I'm hoping all this chia seed eating will pay off.
3. I took Yogi to the vet this week to get a Bordetella shot.  Unfortunately, Yogi's not coming to Put-In-Bay with us and we've decided to board him.  I have to drop him off this morning and I'm not sure how that's going to go.  I feel like a mom on the first day of school, but I have to leave him for 3 whole days!!! I'm going to miss my baby.  Side note: I think his ears keep growing, so I'm not sure if his body will ever catch up, the proof is in the picture.
4. We had our neighbors/friends, Doug and Melissa over for dinner last night.  They are getting married in 1 month and we can't wait to witness their big day! I had given Melissa my recipe for BBQ chicken pizza at her shower, so I decided to make it for them.  Melissa loves kitties as much as I do and even has two little ones of her own (they truly are "little ones", Daisy is still a kitten!).  Whenever Melissa comes over, she loves playing with Rosie and I snapped this picture after they left.  Rosie was exhausted from all the excitement.  Happy kitty dreams.
5. I went to Charming Charlies this week and found this great necklace.  I can spend hours upon hours in that store and still come out with a neutral colored necklace.  I even tried to tell myself not to, but I can't get past the fact that black and white go with EVERYTHING! Hopefully one day I will be more bold in my jewelry selection, but it just didn't happen for me yesterday.

Have you ever tried chia seeds?

Have you ever had to board your pet?

Do you purchase colorful jewelry or stay safe with neutral colors?

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