Saturday, August 3, 2013

House Projects

Well I felt especially handy today.  I have had a couple of house projects lingering and today I finally finished them.  One was our entryway bench with a shelf and hooks to hang bags, coats, and even the dog leash.  There really was no room for my bags and other items in our hallway so I'm so glad I finally added the hooks today.  I was inspired by this pinterest picture.  I have so many other house projects for the future, but I never have the time or resources to do all of them.  Everyone always told Danny and I that the house projects would never end when we moved into our house and now I find it very true.  I'm hoping to install a kitty door for the basement, update/remodel our half bath, and replace/update all of the inside doors in our house.  I love the idea of updating the house to make it a more useful and creative space and I can't wait to see the finish products, if it ever gets "finished".

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