Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday

This Friday I'm up early.  The dog woke me up to go outside at 4:30 am and I could not go back to sleep since I usually wake up around 4:30 am during the work week.  I'm hoping for a nap later today.  Hope everyone had a good week, now onto High Five for Friday

1.  Danny and I had a nice brunch on Sunday at one of our favorite resturants, Manhatten Bar and Grille.  Since I had the day off, it was a good opportunity to sit and enjoy a nice meal with Danny.  He even let me sit outside for once, he usually doesn't like to sit outside because he gets too hot. We are complete opposites in that respect.  Plus, I need to take advantage of each nice day in Cleveland before it starts to snow again.
2.  I dusted off my GMAT prep book this week.  I have a big decision in my future as far as career goals and where I want to be with my career, so grad school has been on the brain.  I've always wanted to get my masters which is why I bought this book back in 2011.  I need to evaluate my options and see what's best for me before I decide on my next step.
3.  I snapped this shot of Danny and Rosie cuddling this week.  Rosie is usually anywhere that the computer is (as she stares at me while I type this).  Danny says he enjoys football season with Rosie because he will always have the computer on to keep track to fantasy football scores and she will sit with him all day while he is on the computer.
4. Yesterday, I went shopping with a friend and we stopped by Moochie & Co.  I, of course had to spoil my puppy with some new toys, but I also came across this car magnet and had to have it.  I came home with it and Danny was jealous that I didn't get him one.
5.  Danny and I went to the famous Melt Bar and Grilled last night.  It's one of our favorite Cleveland resturants and it's most famous for being on Man vs. Food.  They have amazing grilled cheese sandwiches with anything and everything you can imagine on it.  Some things you wouldn't think go together, but they turn out very good.  I get the same thing pretty much everytime, Big Popper.  Its jalapenos, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and then deep fried with mixed berry preservatives for dipping.  I didn't say anything about it being healthy, but it is very delicious!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh I love Melt! Good luck on thinking about grad school, what do you want to go back for?

    1. Melt is so good, I saw you were there this weekend too! Hope you had fun! I want to go back for my MBA. Possibly thinking about specializing in Management Operations, but not 100% sure yet.


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