Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday

I'm still winding down from last weekend and trying to get back in my normal routine.  Yogi lost his manhood got neutered yesterday and I pick him up today.  I don't know why, but I actually missed that little runt.  Whenever I go somewhere, no one follows me.  It's too quiet when I sleep, there's no panting puppy.  I didn't think I would miss him for just a day, but I definitely do and I can't wait to take him home today.  Now on to High Five for Friday...   

1.  I bought flowers at Heinen's this week.  I love having fresh flowers on my kitchen table.  Since it feels like Spring is winding down, its nice to get flowers before there won't be anymore like them until next year.
2.  My work challenge has officially started this week.  I received my (free) pedometer in the mail and started keeping track of my steps.  I gave myself a goal of 10,000 steps a day which I've heard is a good goal and I actually have to try to get that many steps.  This was my pedometer from Tuesday.  Its easier to get the steps when I have a 5K race on Saturday and I take it with me on my run!
3.  After watching the documentaries last month with Danny, I've been trying to give up coffee.  I can't drink it black, so I overload it with so many artificial sweeteners and creamer that it's not too good for me. I also want to be able to caffeinate myself naturally.  I don't like relying too heavily on coffee to wake me up in the morning.  It's been going really well so far.  I've cut down my normal once a day coffee to now only once a week.  Its a good start for me and having a Starbucks actually in my office building doesn't make it easy, so I'm happy with my progress.  I feel more naturally energized and I have been drinking more natural teas in the morning to wake myself up.
4.  Wednesday was the first time I wore my jacket to work.  It seems to be getting more and more chilly here and I had to keep myself warm (I admit that I had been wearing sweaters to work prior to this point).  I love fall, but I'm sad to see summer go.  All that money we invested in the pool, will no longer be used and I know I will miss summer so much when winter hits and the snow gets here.  
5.  I was blogging yesterday and discovered I had a following... a following of kitties.  I think they like having their baby brother in the puppy hospital. 

Hope you had a good week!

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  1. I love the "following" you cats do the same thing, except they lay on my hands when they are on the keyboard so I actually can't do any work!


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