Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Slam

I know it was a good weekend when it's Tuesday and I'm still recapping the weekend! Sunday I had off of work for a bachelorette party Saturday night and also because we hosted Summer Slam!

So, never in a million years did I ever think I would marry a man that watches WWE wrestling.  I remember growing up with my older cousins watching wrestling and my parents would always tell me it was way too violent (which I still sort of agree with...someone died because of wrestling!).  When I met Danny, he started watching wrestling again.  He watched it mostly in college in his fraternity house and he one day stumbled upon in once again and started watching.  I still have my moments when I question if Danny understands it's not real (the outcome of the matches that is, I know the fighting is real/people really do get beat up), but after its all said and done, it is entertaining to watch and I like to keep up with the story lines.

Every month or so, WWE has a paperview and this past Sunday was Summer Slam.  We had our friends, Chad and Kara over for dinner and wrestling.  Chad is also a big wrestling fan and him and Danny can sit there and talk about wrestling all night.  Kara and I just watch to keep up with the story and occasionally dote on some sweaty, tan jacked up wrestler.

For the past two paperviews Chad has put together a "quiz" where you have to choose who wins each match.  This is also a big reason why I pay attention just because I am so competitive and want to win! Well I actually won this time and I was so happy I gained the most points by predicting who was going to win each match!

It was a fun night with our friends (as always) and I enjoyed a night of watching sweaty men in banana hammocks fight each other.  Gotta love it.

The puppy watching Summer Slam

If anyone is fimilar with WWE, our friend Chad looks
like Daniel Bryan (hence the "respect the beard shirt" and Danny
shaved his beard into chops to look like CM Punk.  I love how they get so into it!

CM Punk

Daniel Bryan

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