Monday, August 5, 2013

Wine Festival

Friday night, Danny and I headed with some of our friends to the Vintage Ohio Wine Festival.  The wine festival is one of my favorite memories and I have been every year since I've moved to the Cleveland area.  You pay one entry price and you get 25 tickets that represent samples of wine from local Ohio wineries.  I love supporting the small wineries throughout Ohio and it is so much fun to try all kinds of wine, especially since me and my friends are wine-o's (Danny not so much).

Danny, Ryan, Dave, Ashleigh, and Stefanie.
Dave and Stefanie.
Danny and me.

Ashleigh and Ryan.
Assortment of cheese and crackers.

Danny waiting for me to finish eating my cheese.
Eating our cheese trays.
The girls, even though the guys ruined it.
After the wine festival, me, Danny, Ryan, Ashleigh decided to head to one of our favorite restuarants/bars, Willoughby Brewing Company.  We had dinner (since I just had cheese and crackers) and had a few more drinks.  Ashleigh and I both love to dance so we had a fun night out on the dance floor while the cover band played.  

Me and Ashleigh after dancing.
At Willoughby Brew Co.

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