Thursday, August 22, 2013

tbt: Green Bay, WI

Last October, Danny took me to Green Bay for my first ever home Packers game.  It was a birthday present  from April (even though he told me about it in March because he can't keep a secret...) so it was a long awaited trip to Lambeau.  We drove all the way from Cleveland, but the drive surprisingly wasn't that bad.  Danny planned the trip to stay in Appleton, WI.  Since Green Bay is such a small city, the hotels that they do have are really expensive to stay in on gameday.  Danny also found a bar that does a party bus from Appleton to Green Bay the morning of every game day.

Our first night in Appleton, WI was a fun one.  We discovered the small, college town by checking out the local bars including a Christmas bar!

Our first night in Appleton.
The Christmas bar was AMAZING!
The first night we also went to an Irish pub.  Guinness gives legit Irish pubs this countdown to St. Patrick's Day sign.  We were married on the day before St. Patrick's Day so whenever we see these signs, I always joke that Danny needs one so he can remember our anniversary every year.  Too bad I tried to find one for his man cave and they are hundreds of hundreds of dollars.

The next day we woke up extra early to get to the bar so we could get on the party bus in time.  The bar we went to had a Bloody Mary bar which started my very own Bloody Mary obsession!! After a morning drink, we headed on the bus to Green Bay! It was a short 30 minute ride and they had beer on the bus if you wanted it.

As soon as we got off of the bus, Danny and I were walking through the tailgating area when we suddenly heard someone shouting at us.  It was a nice group of family and friends that invited us into their tailgate! Danny's coworker is from Green Bay and told him that the people in Green Bay are very nice and welcoming.  They offered us food and drinks and we talked with them for the next hour before the game started.  I met a girl named Ashley and after talking, we had a lot in common.  We even found out we had the same birthday! They were the nicest people to welcome us into their tailgate and we had so much fun with them.

The group we tailgated with.
Danny and I tailgating.
Ashley, my birthday twin!
Before we knew it, it was game time.  We started to head to Lambeau Field.  It was such an indescribable experience since it's something that I've always dreamt of seeing.

Danny bought a Rodgers T-shirt, so proud :)
Outside the stadium.
After we got through the crazy crowd to get into the stadium.
Once we got to our seats, it was so surreal.  Our seats were amazing and we ended up making friends with the two women next to us.  All the tickets at Lambeau are season ticket holders, so they immediately knew we were new and were so nice to us.

The nice women that sat next to us.
Me and Danny in our seats.
How close our seats were.
After the game, we headed back on the bus and back to our hotel room in Appleton.  We had dinner plans, but because of the crazy, long day we had, we ended up going to sleep early so we could get a head start on the drive home the next morning.  Going to Lambeau was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it.  The people in Green Bay were so friendly and I loved the small towns surrounding the area in Wisconsin.

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