Friday, August 2, 2013

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday friends and happy August! Time flies so quickly these days.  I have a jam packed day filled with friends and wine! We are going to the wine festival tonight which is something I look forward to every year.  Hope everyone is having a great Friday, now on to High Five For Friday!

Yogi's picture on the Pet Training Graduates Wall!

1. We went to Petsmart this week to finish up Yogi's last classes since we missed a few.  He learned so much and he is still doing really well.  Since technically his 6 week program ended last week, this week his picture was on the graduate board in the training center! We are such proud puppy parents!

Our Team for Ready, Set, Go 2013!
2. At work this week, there were sign ups for a program called Ready, Set, Go 2013 through Get Active Progressive.  My work does a lot of neat things to motivate their employees to stay heathly and this is one of them.  Starting August 12th, I will compete with members of my team on number of steps, percentage of weight lost, and minutes exercised per week.  This is a friendly competition to get everyone fit and heathly, and boy do I love competition! I created a team and invited my team members to participate with me and everyone I asked, joined in! I can't wait to see what happens in the next few weeks, plus I can't wait to get my FREE pedometer in the mail this week!

3. It is officially August! I made these cute little calenders for Christmas for Danny and I had to have one too! We both keep them at work and it makes me smile at our memories of last year together.  The picture featured for August was taken at our Engagement BBQ we had at Danny's parents house shortly after we got engaged.

Me and Rosie.
4. I swear whenever I have the day off, I am surrounded by two cats and a dog.  As anti-social as the cats can be, I notice when they miss me which is always nice! This is me and Rosie hanging out on Thursday and Teddy happen to be on my lap when this was taken.

Me and Ashleigh.
5. Danny and I went with our friends, Ryan and Ashleigh to a single A baseball game for the Lake County Captains.  It was thirsty thursday and they had 25 cent beer....I love minor league baseball! It was so much fun and I even got a baseball (I didn't catch it, but we were sitting by the scouts, so one of them gave it to me!).  More on this to come!


  1. I love the calendar! It's such a neat idea. I also like the fit challenge at work, my job tries to keep us all healthy and motivated too, I wish we had a program like this one as well!

  2. Have fun at the wine festival, that sounds like a blast! That is an awesome challenge for your work to partake in and offer! How cool. I saw you on the link up :)


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