Friday, August 23, 2013

Blondes have more fun

After getting my hair done yesterday.
I went to the salon yesterday for the first time since my wedding 5 months ago, no judgements please.  I told my hair stylist, if I didn't come in soon, I would become a brunette again.  Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I definitely needed some color in my life.  After talking to my hair dryer person (yeah I didn't know they had people dedicated to this specific task until yesterday), I realized that most people that have only known me for the last 4 years think I am a natural blonde and that's good, I don't want them to think I look unnatural.  I was actually born a redhead and lived that way for 21 years.  I was one of those people growing up that never wanted to dye my hair because I really liked the color.  That all changed when I started my senior year in college.  I always joked that I started to dye my hair because I had a friend that made constant ginger jokes, but it was much more than that.  I wanted to do something different with myself and at that time in my life, I needed a change.

My first color move was a bold one, literally. I was a cheap college student, so I wanted to try dying my hair myself.  Looking back on it, it was actually a funny experience.  I had so much hair that I had to have my roommate go out, mid-dye and buy me another box because I didn't plan it out well.

After a few months with black hair, I dyed it again but this time a lighter shade of brown.  After college, I started getting blonde highlights and eventually that turned into becoming a blonde.  I've always secretly wanted to be a blonde, but I never thought I could pull it off.  I do have very light hair, like for example my arm hair and eyebrows are very light haired to begin with, which makes the lie easier to believe.

It was also a big decision when I got married whether to dye it back to my normal hair color.  I didn't want to look back on my wedding pictures one day and think, why was I blonde?  That thought quickly was dismissed when Danny told me, "I met you as a blonde, so I want to marry you as a blonde."  That was all I needed to hear.

I also think when we have children that maybe I should dye my hair back to brunette/redhead.  Since Danny is blonde too, I don't want my little redhead/brunette child thinking they are adopted if neither of their parents look like them.  This might be an exaggeration, but still something to consider.

For now, I love being blonde.  As far as the future, I guess we will just have to see.


  1. i've tried every color under the sun too, including blonde. The blonde killed my hair so that didn't last very long, haha. I ended up going darker than my natural color at the end of last year. I'm normally a dark brunette but I went a shade between black and dark brown and I've loved it, it just makes my eyes pop. I recently went ombre to break up the monotony and love that too!

    1. Yeah unfortunately bleach does have that affect. I loved the way dark hair seems to bring out the best features. I've always wanted to try ombre, but I am too nervous it wouldn't look right on me. You are brave for trying :)

  2. The blonde really does suit you, although you are one of those lucky ladies that can pull off the other colors too.


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