Thursday, August 29, 2013

Master bedroom Ideas

Since we moved into our new home four months ago, I have been itching to redecorate the place.  Danny and I started off painting the rooms that we desperately wanted to change (ex: sky blue for the man cave turned into crimson red and beige, pink guest bedroom turned into a nice grey neutral tone) although we aren't done yet.  I still feel like a lot of the rooms are unfinished because they don't have that decorative touch.  This week I wanted to address the master bedroom and pull together the ideas that I see for the bedroom.  This room was originally a green color when we bought the house and it was one of the rooms I just had to paint.  I choose a mocha color to paint it and I was happy with the results of the color.

The new changes I want to make to our master bedroom are shown below in my ideas board I created with the help of Pinterest and some other places for inspiration.

1. Since we have mocha walls, I want to keep the bedding light.  I think gold tones would be best in our room and it is gender neutral so it's not too feminine or masculine. 
2.  There are two things I love in this photo.  First, I love how the curtains frame the bed and I really want to try this look for our room.  Our only window is at an awkward spot in the room and I think curtains on either side would help to frame the bed.  I also like the collection of frames above the bed.  Although I might not use this placement, I think it would be neat somewhere else in the room to take up some wall space.
3.  I need to add decorative elements on the night stand tables.  There is nothing on them now, and adding just a small decorative piece can dramatically change the look of the overall room.
4.  I found these letters at Hobby Lobby.  I like the distressed look of them and they go with the dark brown theme of the room.  I currently have them above the bed which I like.  These letters were originally used at our wedding which is where the picture is taken from below.
5.  Danny and I have our own furniture that we came with (two different night stands and two different dressers.  I want them to match at least in color, so I want to stain them into a dark finish which will match our bed frame.  An extra chrome detailing would bring everything together too.
6.  A bench adds a nice aesthetic element as well as a practical one too. 
7. Updated ceiling fan since ours is older looking, see above.  I've done some research online and hardware stores have lights for ceiling fans that you can replace just to give it an updated look.  This will updated the overall look without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

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  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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