Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#WeddingWednesday: Hair

To follow up last week's #WeddingWednesday, this week I wanted to highlight my hair.  The hair appointments for the day of my wedding was probably the most stressful I was with the entire wedding process.

I scheduled a trial with the person that used to do my hair when I was younger.  He basically curled my hair and then showed me what it might look like.  I was so upset with the trial because he criticized me for coming in with "dirty" hair.  I've been to my fair share of dances, proms, and even other weddings and I have NEVER heard of someone coming in with hair that has been washed that day, but he insisted that he couldn't work with hair that had not been washed that day.  That was my first clue I shouldn't have used him for my wedding day hair.

After going through my hair trail and at the verge of tears (this was 4 weeks before me wedding, so I was already very stressed out), we talked about the day of appointments and how he planned to get all 9 of us girls and moms done.  Since he's been doing my mom's hair for a long time, we told him pretty far in advance that we wanted to use him for the wedding and he was supposed to find people to help him.  After talking with him that day, I found out he had ONE person for only two hours which was definitely not enough.  He then decided to ask around the salon and see if anyone else could help him out on short notice on a Saturday morning.  This was the second red flag.

Lastly, he told me that he would do all 9 people and that he wanted to do my hair first because his best work happens first.  After I heard this, I knew this was not going to happen.  I was furious at the situation and Danny and my matron of honor heard the grunt of it.  I was so nervous to find someone so last minute.  My dad had suggested I look into Charles Penzone salons.  My dad and I grew up going to Penzone (Dad would get his hair cut while he would get me a manicure appointment when I was little).  I always had good memories of the salon.  I drove to one of the locations and asked for assistance.  Luckily, all I had to do was say how many was in my party and if they wanted a style or an up-do.  Charles Penzone made it so easy and they catered everything to me and my bridal party.  I received countless letters of confirmation in the mail to make sure everyone's appointments were scheduled and they had the right hair style on file. 

The morning of the wedding, Penzone had the appointments planned to a T accounting for each person.  They provided us with our own relaxation room where we could put our things and another dining area room where we could choose fruit and pastries to eat for breakfast.  Every one's hair turned out beautifully and I was so happy with the results with my own hair.  I ended up changing my hair style the morning of the wedding because I was just not feeling the style I had thought I wanted.  I spoke to the woman doing my hair and showed her a picture of what I wanted and she was so accommodating and it turned out perfectly.

The entire bridal party at Charles Penzone the day of the wedding.
This is the picture I got off of Pinterest for my wedding hair.
 Since I wanted my hair visable in pictures, she pinned it more to the side.
The day after the wedding, the curls still stayed.
All in all, I had a great experience at Charles Penezone and we were ahead of schedule too which made the day go by so much more stress-free for me!  I am so grateful of how everything turned out and thankful Charles Penzone was able to work with me on such short notice.

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