Friday, July 12, 2013

H54F: 7/12/2013

Today I get to spend the day with my dad! We have a whole day of swimming and exploring Cleveland planned and then the Indians game tonight!

On to High Five for Friday....

1.  I made Danny Taco Salad with Chicken for dinner on Sunday and it was so good he made it for us for dinner again on Wednesday! We had so many ingredients left over from our fourth of July party that this was an easy week night dinner with very little planning.
2.  I was in training for work this week and I felt like I was in school again.  It was a Relational Data Concepts class which mirrored a class I took in college.  I liked switching up my week and doing something different.  I really enjoyed the class and it was a good end to the work week.
3.  This was a picture taken of me and Yogi this week! He is growing up so fast and even though he looks like a huge dog in this picture, he is still only 35 lbs.
4.  Danny and I went to Winking Lizard for dinner on Thursday for happy hour drinks.  It was such a great day we were able to sit outside and enjoy a great evening. 
5.  Danny and I headed up to the lake on Tuesday night to visit his parents at their lakehouse.  Danny's uncle, aunt, and cousin were visiting so we were able to eat dinner and see them while they were in town.  I was able to head back up to the lake on Thursday while Danny was at work and see this beautiful view while having lunch with my in-laws on the lake! I also got to go kayaking around the lake which was so much fun! We already have plans to go back next weekend to visit them and do some more kayaking!

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  1. Just stopping by from H54F and love your blog! What a sweet story about you and your husband! :) Congrats on being a newlywed!

    Happy Friday!


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