Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

I had a great week this week.  I apologize for all of the food pictures in this post! I guess we did a lot of home cooking/eating this week!

1.  Danny and I netflixed a few documentaries on healthy eating this week.  Now that its been 4 months after the wedding, we needed a push to get back into the healthy lifestyle that we had before the wedding.  One of my favorite documentaries is Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which follows a man on his journey of going on a "Juice Fast" for 60 days.  This was Danny's first time watching the documentary and now we are beginning our Juice Journey.  We're not going crazy or anything like a juice fast, but we want to try incorporating it into our daily diet.  On Wednesday, Danny grabbed a juice for a snack, it was juiced carrots and apples.

2.  Continuing on with the theme, I made pasta with sun dried tomatoes and asparagus (I added chicken for Danny's).  It was my first time cooking and eating asparagus and I really enjoyed it.

3. I packed my lunch a lot this week and a favorite is this salad.  It had spinach and something new for me, chick peas! I've discovered chick peas more recently for salads because I used to eat them as falafel, but I never really had them raw.  They are very good, although I have to limit my intake since they still carry calories (darn).

4. We headed to puppy class this week as our 6 and final week! He learned so much and we are very proud of puppy especially when he didn't make Mommy and Daddy look like fools in class!  We are so happy he graduated and got his own certificate!  It's hanging on our fridge now! (Can you blame us? We don't have children.)

5.  I had dinner with my friend, Kara this week! Her husband Chad is in Colorado for work so we had a great Mexican dinner and of course margaritas at one of my favorite local restaurants.

Hope everyone had a good week!  I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.

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