Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend Danny and I headed to the lake with the puppy dog to visit Danny's parents, Doug and Kathy.  Kathy grew up visiting her grandparents at the lake and 30 years later, her and Doug decided to visit family members that still live at the lake last year. They loved it and decided to look into buying a lake house so they could have somewhere to visit in the summer. They bought the house last October so this is our first time spending a summer at the lake! We have so much fun up at the lake and this weekend was no different!

View from my kayak of the lake.
We started with a night of grilling out when we arrived Friday. Kathy got ingredients to make our own kabobs! They were delicious!
Kabobs and pasta salad.
Weight Watcher Peach cobbler. 
We had a busy Saturday. We started off with heading to one of my favorite places called, Campbell Pottery Store. They feature a lot of handmade pieces and creative art. We found a beautiful vase to add to our dining room/kitchen area. After we shopped, we headed to the art gallery where they were having the Lily Art Show. It featured local artists pieces that resembled Lilies. All the art was beautiful and it was neat since Kathy's cousin, Kathy Travis is among those local artists. She received an honorable mention for her beautiful watercolor.

Campbell Pottery Store

Campbell Pottery Store
Danny with our new vase.
Energy-Frequency-Vibration by Kathryn E. Travis

After the art show, we explored some of the little shops around town and got something to eat.

Posing in front of the city sign like tourists.
Danny and me at lunch.
After walking around town, we picked up the dogs and took them for a walk around the lake. Danny's parent's dog, Oscar is a black lab and loves to go swimming. We took them to the boat ramp to let Oscar swim and surprisingly enough Yogi got in too!! Our dog has been deathly afraid of any type of water (shower, pool, rain, etc.) so this was a mini miracle in my eyes and gave me hope for the future.
Danny walking Yogi to the lake.
Yogi watching Oscar swim in the lake.
Yogi in the lake!
After the puppy swim, we headed to dinner at the Sunset Grill which is an amazing restaurant that overlooks the lake. They had live music too so it was a nice and relaxing environment!

The view from dinner at Sunset Grill.
Kathy and Doug at dinner.
Once we returned home, I convinced Danny and Doug to go kayaking with me. Danny, being an avid blog reader, mentioned that we should go "cabrewing" since he knows it's on my 30 Before 30 list! What a great hubby! So we got in our kayaks with our beer (our kayaks even had a cup holder, it was perfect!) and set out camera in hand to explore the lake. This was special to me because I got to capture and share the amazing views that I see every time I go out on the lake. Below are some of the pictures I captured and even includes an amazing photo that my father-in-law took of me and Danny watching the sunset!

Danny in the kayak.
Danny out on the lake.
Me on the lake.
Danny cabrewing.
Me and Danny.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. I love the last picture!!!! That's frame-worthy! It looks like such a good time, makes me want to get out there and go "cabrewing" haha


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