Saturday, July 13, 2013

Man Candles

One of the many reasons why I love being a homeowner or really just able to have my own space (not including the space I share with my husband), is so I can decorate it according to my personality.  One of the most important parts of that are the smells of our living space.  I feel like smells can take you to a whole new place, mainly because smells can be linked to memories.  They can help us remember times in the past or create new memories all on their own.  In my apartment, I used to burn my yankee candles all the time.  Once Danny moved in, I started bringing him with me to the Yankee Candle store if I needed to stock up.

After awhile, Danny and I noticed a section of candles specifically catered to male noses.  They had scents such as "First Down" which smells like football leather, "Riding Mower" that smells like freshly cut grass, and even "MMM, Bacon!" which smells like you just cooked bacon for breakfast.

This is a clever marketing ploy by Yankee Candle and I know we are sold on the man candles.  Danny loves having them in his man cave because it helps cover up the musky smell of a basement without smelling like a garden down there.  One of our favorites is called, Man Town pictured below which smells like a man's cologne.  If you have men that are in need of manly scents, try the Yankee Candle's Man Candles!

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