Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Pet Family

Danny and I are spending the weekend at the lake with Danny's parents and the puppy dogs! Yesterday while I was eating lunch at one of my favorite places (Brueggers Bagel), I came across this "Real Fact" from my Snapple.  I thought it was funny since Danny and I probably have heard all 110 sounds between our two cats and puppy dog.  

In fact, our animals love to communicate by "talking" to us especially the cats.  I learned on an episode of, "My Cat from Hell" that cats only meow for humans and not to interact with other cats.

I love when our pets interact with us and its just another reason why they are so special to us.
Our pets as babies (Teddy, Rosie, and Yogi)

Teddy, 3 years old; Rosie, 3 years old; Yogi, 5 months old.

The Story of our Pet Family

I ended up getting Teddy in the spring of 2010 while I was still a senior in college.  There was a bin labeled FREE KITTENS and I could not resist this all white kitty.  At first, I thought he was a girl so I named him, Bella.  After his first vet appointment, I decided to save him from embarrassment for the rest of his life and rename him Teddy.  Fast forward just a few short months later and I moved me and Teddy up to Cleveland to start my new job and new life.  After getting a 1 bedroom apartment just me and Ted, my mom convinced me to get another cat since Teddy was showing signs of loneliness of me being gone all day.  I saw Rosie in a pet store shortly after that and I could not get over how cute she was.  She was playful and her personality won me over.  i decided to adopt her that day and boy was Teddy surprised when I came home with her! After a few weeks together, they have gotten along ever since and are the best of friends.  
I got both of the cats before Danny and I even met and when we were dating, I always joked that it was a deal breaker if he did not accept my cats.  Danny loves the cats and they love him (most of the time).  After almost three years with the cats, we adopted Yogi, our half german shepard, half collie mix.  The cats have adjusted well to him (better than we thought at least) and its nice to have a big pet family.  I could not imagine my life without pets and I know that Danny and I will always have furry friends in our lives. 

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  1. I didn't know you had cats too they are adorable!


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