Friday, July 19, 2013

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday! I am currently at home packing for our weekend at the lake! I can't wait to bring Yogi up to the lake to spend time with us, his Grandparents as well as his aunt and uncle doggies.  Yogi loves playing with other dogs even when they don't want to play with him!  Now onto High Five for Friday!

  1. On Sunday, Danny and I went to our friend's place for a WWE paperview.  My friend, Kara's husband and Danny love to watch wrestling.  I'm relieved that Danny has found someone to watch wrestling with besides me! And I love seeing Kara and spending time with her and her husband, Chad.  On Sunday, Kara cooked so many yummy goodies for the paperview.  One of these yummy treats was Oreo Truffles! They were so good, I need to get the recipe!
  2. I came home from work on Monday to find our dog like this.  His crate is usually in the dining room which as you can see is a whole 15 feet from where I found him.  We've figured out that Yogi likes to try and "hulk" out of his crate and since it's on the laminate floors, he usually travels. Silly puppy!
  3. We spent a lot of time outside after work this week.  I snapped this photo on Tuesday of the light coming through the trees in the evening.  I love spending evenings in the backyard, unless its 90 degrees outside!
  4. Speaking of spending time outside this week, Danny and I enjoyed a nice meal outside since we just received our new outdoor tables.  I had a glass table top from our apartment and my dad gave us the great idea of putting it on our deck (since our deck is pretty small).  It worked out perfectly for just the two of us on a weekday night!
  5. I had a doctors appointment this week near downtown.  Parking was ridicolous so I had to park on the top of the parking garage.  As soon as I got out of my car, I saw the Cleveland skyline.  I love the skyline and this view made me smile.
I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five For Friday!


  1. Your dog is too funny!

    I love city skylines too, but I prefer the country better. I live somewhere in between so I can experience both, but there is something sophisticated with a city skyline

  2. Those oreo truffles look so good, yum! Yogi is a funny one :)


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