Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#NOtivation: Workout Buddy

I'm off work today because of the holiday this week.  I normally don't work Thursdays so I can take a normal work day off to make up for the Fourth this weekend.  I'm linking up to cure #NOtivation.

My biggest piece of advice for #NOtivation (lack of motivation) is to surround yourself with people that have the same goals or friends/family that will do it with you.  I always end up trying to start a healthy workout regime by creating a plan for myself.  I've noticed throughout the last year or so that it is always better to have that encouragement from someone else.  For me, my biggest encourangement has been my husband.  The activity we most enjoy is running.  Last year we ran our first 5K together and this year we've signed up for a few more races together.  Although sometimes its hard running with Danny (because he is more of a sprinter and I like to take my time), he always encourages me to do my best.  Matter of fact, our first 5K together he did just that and got me my fastest mile!
Our First 5K
If Danny won't do it with me, like for example when I wanted to join a Zumba class last year, I roped in my good friend, Ashleigh.  It was the perfect excuse to see her every week and we made each other accoutable for going to Zumba class.

If you're staring a new workout regime, try to get someone else to do it with you! It will encourage you to stick with it and make the activity more enjoyable.


  1. I love your tips and you are so right! My girlfriend invited me to Yoga last night and I actually went, and LOVED it!

    as for 5ks that is next on our "newlywed" to do list!

    1. I want to try a yoga class next, did you like it? And that's great! 5Ks are a good way for couples to train and run together!


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