Saturday, July 13, 2013

Indians/Royals game

It is finally the weekend! Even though I've been off for two days, I still only count Saturday as the weekend since its the only day that both Danny and I are off of work.  Today, we have taken full advantage of that pool in the backyard and my sunburn can attest to that!

Yesterday was a great day spending time with my Dad and then at night with my dad and husband at the ballpark!
Me and my Dad before the game.
My dad and I started out with brunch at Bob Evans and then decided to lay around in the pool (no surprise there).  I grew up with a pool, but now that me and my brother don't live close to my parents, they don't open the pool anymore, so my dad was excited to go swimming.  We also just recently received our new patio set which we set up to have some place to sit and enjoy the nice day.

My Dad with our new patio set!
Our pool cooler.
After we spent time in the pool, we headed downtown to meet Danny for the Indians game.  They played the Royals which is somewhat of a family rivarly since my parents used to live in Kansas city, my aunt still does, and my brother was born there making him a Royals fan (this was news to me).

After all was said and done, it was a fantastic game and the home team won!  It was a great day spent with my dad!

We met downtown before the game and got drinks on East 4th Street.
We walked through the Indians Hall of Fame and came across one of my favorite players, Omar Vizquel.
Great night for baseball!
Progressive Field
Me and Danny at the game.

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  1. I went to the game too, we sat almost directly across from you, it was so great! Glad you had fun with your dad :)


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