Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our trip to Boston

So since Danny and I travel pretty frequently, I decided to use throwback Thursdays to highlight some of the trips we've been on that haven't been covered in the blog.  One of my favorites and our very first vacation together was to Boston, MA in May of 2012. 

Danny and I first started dating a few months earlier and I remember when Danny brought up the idea. I was so excited because it meant that me and my boyfriend were traveling to an exciting, unknown place (this was during the short time that we were actually boyfriend/girlfriend and not engaged yet).  Danny was working with the Cleveland Indians and much like he did when he worked with the Cincinnati Reds, he wanted to work a road game with the Indians while exploring the city.  We finally settled on Boston since I had never been there and Danny had only visited once when he was really young.

Our flight took off at 6 am (meaning we had to get to the airport by 4 am), we ended up oversleeping!! Danny was freaking out the entire drive to the airport and I was starting to see his true colors (just kidding!).  Boston was actually the first time I realized I was dating a man that had similar characteristics to my father.  Growing up, my dad would always freak out whenever we had to travel and Danny was the EXACT same way!

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time and got to Boston around mid morning.  We took the train from the airport to our hotel, Longwood Inn located in Brookline, MA right outside the city.  The hotel was amazing and was set up more like a Bed & Breakfast.  It was in a beautiful part of town and Danny and I loved Brookline for its charm and location!

The first night, we settled in and Danny went off to work.  I met him after the game for a beer at a bar near our hotel.  I also got to meet one of his coworkers, Jordan who is a beat writer for the Indians and travels with them when they're on the road.

The next day started our adventure in Boston.  We decided to take the train into Boston Commons and get the Freedom Tour of the downtown Boston area and the historical significance.  Our tour guide, who was dressed like a man of those times, took us through a lot of historical areas in Boston including the Granary Burying Ground where Sam Adams and John Hancock are buried as well as the site of the Boston Massacre.  Overall, this tour was amazing and I highly recommend it if you are visiting the area.

Us in Boston Commons, where the Freedom tour began.
Granary Burying Ground.
The site of the Boston Massacre.
Next, we wandered around the area and came across a few shops and restaurants.  We decided to eat at Beantown Pub which was located directly across from the Granary Burying Ground.

Beantown Pub, Downtown Boston.

After eating lunch and touring Boston, we ended up near Fenway Park for dinner and out to some local bars after that.

The next day was by far one of my favorite days ever! Although it was a long day, it was so much fun.  We started with a taxi ride to Sam Adams Brewery and went for a tour where we got to sample four glasses of Sam Adams Beer.  After the tour, there was a free trolley ride to the first restaurant to sell Sam Adams beer called, Doyle's Cafe.  It was no ordinary trolley that took us to Doyle's.  It had loud music and even a stripper pole.  I loved watching people's faces on the streets of the neighborhoods we traveled through.  It was an amazing experience.
Sam Adams Brewery.
Danny and me before the tour started.
Our tour guide was AMAZING!
Barrels of Beer.
Me and Danny trying the samples.
The Trolley to Doyle's!
Danny and I decided to keep the party going and stop by some local bars/pubs near our hotel in Brookline.  I have good memories of these moments since it's when we first started talking about marrying each other!!

Later that night we headed down to the bar area and met up with one of Danny's friends from when he played little league.  After her and her friend had left, it was nearing closing time.  We had basically been drinking all day so I was ready to go home.  Danny left me to use the restroom and I had noticed that he was taking longer than usual.  Because of the alcohol and the nerves of being in a new city, I started to get myself upset that he was not back yet.  After 10-15 minutes, he returned to our table.  I was upset that he had been gone for so long and then he explained to me that he was talking to his dad on the phone about us and how he wanted to marry me.  At that point, all my prior feelings were pushed aside and I was overfilled with joy.  That night will be one that I will never forget.

The next day was our last day in Boston before flying back to Cleveland.  Danny's cousin, Kristen and her friend were meeting us in Boston.  This was my first time meeting her.  Since Danny grew up as an only child, he was very close to his cousins especially Kristen.  After meeting her that day, I realized that they even act like brother and sister instead of cousins.  Fast forward a few months when Danny and I got engaged, I happily asked Kristen to be a bridesmaid in our wedding since she is such a big part of Danny's life!

Fenway Park.
Danny with his cousin, Kristen.
Me and Danny at Fenway.
Halfway through the game we had to leave to catch our flight home.  Boston was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to go back.

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  1. I love this post, this trip seems like it was a really special one for you and Danny. The hotel you stayed at is beautiful!


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