Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photo Challenge: Smile

Today is week two of my photo challenge.  This week's topic is a smile.

I apologize for the selfie, but when thinking about this week's photo challenge, I realized I don't have cute kids and my pets don't really smile, so I thought I would just go with a picture of myself.

My smile reminds me of all the pain and money it took to get it.  I had braces when I was in middle school and hated them (like every other girl at that age).  I was one of the first in my class to get them which is maybe why I hated them so much.  I also had to have an expander that my parents would crank every night to separate my two front teeth which would eventually make more room for my other teeth.  After all the pain was over, I finally was in the retainer phase. 

After a few years of ignoring my retainer, my teeth started to moved back to their original places resulting in a few crooked teeth.  In college and even a year after, I was still self-conscious about my teeth and I finally decided to do something about it.  I signed up to see an orthodontist to get Invisalign. 

Invisalign was great for me and my teeth.  Since I only had a few teeth out of place, I only had to have the adjusters for a 6 month period.  Now I love to smile since it took so long to have it exactly the way I wanted it!
A smile and of course my sweet cracked iPhone.

Photo Challenge:

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